Caring for you at home, because there is no place like home

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Your journey to care at home


1: Speak to us

Whether you want to know more about home care or want general guidance or advice with no obligation, speak to our team of CQC registered experts.

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2: Arrange a free no obligation home visit

Your local CQC registered Firstpoint Homecare manager will visit you to discuss your needs and the type of care you are after.

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3: There is no “one size fits all”

We will work with all relevant parties and create a person-centred home care package suited to you and your needs.


Who are Firstpoint Homecare?

Fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) we provide the support you need, in the comfort of your own home.  We understand that home is where people feel the happiest and provide care at home to adults of all ages, regardless of health or medical needs, you can live your way at home. We strongly believe that you or your loved ones should have full involvement in the care received and so our “no obligation” home visit is a great opportunity for you to not only get to know us, but for us to get to know you.  Whether you need a little bit of home help or regular live-in care, our tailored care plans work with you so that you can remain independent and happy in your own home. Because there really is no place like home.

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Our services

  • Home Help

    Personal care, from the comfort of your own home.

  • Respite Care

    Professional assistance to give carers a helping hand.

  • Live-in Care

    24/7 care service, from within your own home.

  • Complex Care

    Care and support for conditions requiring specialist knowledge.

  • Palliative Care

    Professionally delivered support for living with illness.


We provide a CQC regulated service

The care you receive from Firstpoint Homecare is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  Being regulated by the CQC ensures peace of mind for the people and their loved ones which we care for.  As an independent regulator of health and social care in England, the CQC monitor, inspect and regulate health and social care services to make sure they are providing people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care, therefore reassuring you and your loved-ones when receiving care from Firstpoint Homecare.

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What our clients say

It’s almost 10 years since First Point began providing weekday visits by carers for my wife. Neither she nor I would still be using the Company’s services if unhappy with their services. However, we have always been more than happy to remain with them as although carers inevitably change from time to time, my wife has found every one of her carers to be professional, punctual, very friendly & never appearing to be in a rush to finish. My wife looks forward to their visits, her chats with them & the fact she is always treated with respect & as an independent person able to make her own decisions e.g. decide what clothing she wants to wear etc. For my part, I greatly appreciate & value them pointing out the slightest new or unusual blemish, spot or anything else out of the ordinary noticed while caring for my wife, so we can discuss & decide on whether any treatment or investigation is necessary. My wife views each of her carers as a valued friend & I have total confidence & trust in their ability to safely care for my wife.”


My mother is unfortunately bed bound and relies on myself and the carers for everything. Firstpoint Homecare have been outstanding in their reliability, keeping me up to speed with what is happening and the wonderful carers that come to look after Mum. Nothing is too much trouble and they pay attention to the small details to ensure Mum is happy and comfortable. They acknowledge that Mum is there, they talk to her, have a laugh and a joke and let me know if they think Mum may need extra care or attention. I cannot recommend them all enough! Thank you so much Firstpoint Homecare.”


My husband has late stage Alzheimer’s Dementia. He requires full assistance with all aspects of his care, is unable to communicate, nursed in bed 24/7 and totally dependent on carers and family.
He has been receiving care from Firstpoint since January 2021.
I am thankful for the outstanding care, compassion and empathy he receives from his lovely carers. It is truly amazing how they arrive day by day with a smile, kindness and encouragement, total professionalism balanced with genuine friendliness.
The support I have also received from management staff and carers is very much appreciated as it makes a sad and distressing situation more bearable knowing my husband is receiving the best care possible from Firstpoint.”




Who are we?

We are a home care provider, devoted to providing high-quality care for adults in their own homes. We have been providing care in the comfort of people’s homes for 20 years, enabling our clients to maintain freedom and independence, surrounded by their home comfort and memories. Through our person centred planning of care, we work with our clients to offer customised, flexible and affordable care that meets their needs.

What are the benefits of Home Care?

When you choose care at home, it enables you to remain in the property you live in now with carers visiting you in your home when you need them. In order to ensure you get the support you need, we will work with you on a personalised care package as we believe that you should have a choice in the care you receive.

Is Home Care right for you?

If independence and remaining in your own home is important to you, then deciding to have home care as opposed to going into residential care will be the best option for you. Home care is extremely flexible and allows you to have as much or as little help as you feel you need.

Isn’t Home Care more expensive than residential care homes?

It is often interpreted that remaining in your own home is more expensive, when in fact this is not necessarily the case. With care at home, you decide the level of support and care you need – meaning that you only pay for the one-to-one care you receive, rather than paying a care home provider to fund care which is shared across many individuals and not optional.