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What our clients say

As you know I’ve been using Firstpoint for three months now enabling me to care for my husband who has Vascular Dementia at home and I thought it was time to say Thank You. Whenever I’ve needed to contact the office, whatever time of day or whatever day of the week/weekend I’ve been met with a “don’t worry” approach “we’ll get it sorted” and it has been. The Carers are amazing. I found it quite difficult to accept that I needed help but with Firstpoint I didn’t need to worry. The Carers turn up on time and are always happy and upbeat, how they do that I don’t know as my husband is quite difficult, but he is always treated with kindness, care, and dignity. They always take time to ask me how I am and listen with patience and understanding if I’m feeling a bit down or upset. I actually look forward to their visits now and I never thought I’d be saying that. Please pass on my thanks to everyone helping me to look after my very much loved husband.


On behalf of my mum June and myself, I just wanted to drop you a quick note with our thanks for everything you and Firstpoint have done for us and my Dad, David, over the last 3 months. We had no idea what to expect when my Dad returned home from the hospital on 25th March and we were thrown into the unknown, particularly my Mum, with regards to the care he needed. We didn’t need to worry, as from day 1 Carl was here, and along with Mandy, Anne and everyone else who came in even for the odd day (sorry I don’t know all their names) provided care that was beyond measure, and we are so very grateful. They were always so professional, friendly, and reliable, nothing was too much trouble; visiting 4 times a day with the same enthusiasm as if it was the first. It’s clear how much they put into their roles. I don’t want to say “job”, as it is so much more. I hope they got a sense of the man he was, fun and joking… and thankful. He was never a man to sit (or lie) still, always on the go and doing something so this time really was far from his normal. I was there on a couple of occasions when he told Carl, “Great job you’re doing” and as you know, his speech wasn’t very good but when determined to say something, he made sure he did. Thanks again to you and your team, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.


I am visiting Nan today and just wanted to let you both know that I am going abroad on holiday. I will keep an eye on the carers app while I’m away, I know you will look after her as you are all so kind to her. Thanks as always for your support and care, it really does alleviate some of my worry to know I can go away as shes got such good and kind carers.


It’s almost 10 years since First Point began providing weekday visits by carers for my wife. Neither she nor I would still be using the Company’s services if unhappy with their services. However, we have always been more than happy to remain with them as although carers inevitably change from time to time, my wife has found every one of her carers to be professional, punctual, very friendly & never appearing to be in a rush to finish. My wife looks forward to their visits, her chats with them & the fact she is always treated with respect & as an independent person able to make her own decisions e.g. decide what clothing she wants to wear etc. For my part, I greatly appreciate & value them pointing out the slightest new or unusual blemish, spot or anything else out of the ordinary noticed while caring for my wife, so we can discuss & decide on whether any treatment or investigation is necessary. My wife views each of her carers as a valued friend & I have total confidence & trust in their ability to safely care for my wife.”


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