Why choose care at home for you or a loved one?

Why choose care at home for you or a loved one? Decorative Swirl

We know first-hand the stress and worry that comes when trying to find the best care for your loved one and that is why we offer no obligation help and advice around funding, integrated care and hospital patient discharges. At Firstpoint Homecare, we pride ourselves on being transparent, professional, trusting and caring. We believe that homecare in many circumstances is the best route of care. Many experience the difficulties of caring for themselves or a loved one, whilst juggling the daily grind; opting for homecare where many different bespoke options are available is often beneficial for all.

Familiar surroundings

There really is no place like home. Being in your own home with all of your belongings, memories and with your home comforts can help people feel more content. Moving into a new, unfamiliar setting can add stress, particularly when you or a loved one are dealing with certain conditions such as dementia. Trying to maintain as much normality as possible can help keep people more comfortable, help with a more relaxed way of life and improve health outcomes.

Retaining independence 

It can be difficult for adults to accept help when they are struggling to cope at home. Staying in their own home enable them to retain a level of independence, be more sociable and maintain more normality in their daily routine. They will also choose their own schedule, meaning they can leave the house as they wish, have breakfast, lunch and dinner at times they are used to and attend social events as the care provider is suited to their needs and lifestyle.

Person centred care

Dedicated, person-centred care keeps the focus on you; it allows you to maintain your routine, is flexible and means you can retain more freedom.

Maintain relationships with friends and family

Being able to stay at home and receive home care means you do not lose that connection with your neighbours, friends and your local community. Your carer will support you with living your life, your way; whether it’s going to the local shop and seeing familiar faces or seeing your neighbours. It reduces the impact of change upon you or a loved ones life.

Saves money

Often the perception of home care is that it is more expensive, however, because you only receive the care you want, when you need, this is all you pay for, whether it’s an hourly visit every day, right up to live-in care, the home care packages that we provide here at Firstpoint Homecare are always tailored to each individual.

Relief for family and friend caregivers

Home care is a great way to support family and friends that may be currently providing care. Care at home can help support with daily tasks such as shopping, bathing, dressing, cooking and many other daily tasks. This helps provide relief to family and friends allowing them some free time to focus on other aspect of their life and preventing a caregiver burnout.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have, we look forward to speaking with you.

If you would like to arrange a no obligation home visit, need more information on our care services, or  would like general advice and guidance on funding, integrated care and hospital discharges, please get in touch today.